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Skiing: A Guide to Our Favorite Spots in Western Massachusetts & Southern Vermont

There is a wealth of opportunity to enjoy our local landscapes on skis here in Western Massachusetts.

Don't hesitate to reach out to inquire about guided skiing experiences with us at Adventure East, cross-country, or otherwise. We hope this selection inspires you to get out on skis this winter - crossing our fingers for snow!

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Skiing: Which Discipline is For Me?

When the snow starts to fall, we at Adventure East can't help but dream of skiing, whether it be cross-country, alpine, or backcountry.

Let's explore which type might be right for you!


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Preparing for Cold Weather Adventures: A Guide to Layering

Winter weather doesn't have to mean hibernation; it is entirely possible to be comfortable and warm while you enjoy the outdoors, even as the temperatures drop.

In the last post, we talked a lot about how to stay warm and as dry as possible while winter kayaking. However, many winter activities tend to take place off the water and for that, it's important to know some of the basics of layering.

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Preparing for Cold Weather Adventures: Paddling

There’s plenty of fall left but in New England, we know just how quickly winter can sneak up on us.

At Adventure East we value our opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature, all year round. Meaning, that the adventures don’t stop when the snow starts! Cold weather outdoor experiences, while invigorating, can be a little intimidating as well. There can be so many questions about how best to prepare for the conditions. (What do I wear? What should I bring?)

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What is Forest Bathing?

If you’re anything like me, hearing the phrase ‘forest bathing’ for the first time, it seems like, unless you’re a woodland creature in a fairy tale, those are two words that don’t necessarily belong together. What does it even mean? Are we bathing? In the forest??

Well…. yeah, kind of.


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Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it's fleeting, coming at 3 am when you're trying to sleep (just me?), and sometimes it's obvious and tangible, making it possible for you to go back to that space again and again. If you live or have spent time in Western Massachusetts, then you know that it's one of those places that embodies inspiration. For centuries, artists have been enamored with our little corner of the world, writing songs about the Connecticut River and painting masterpieces of the vivid landscapes.

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