AW Deerfield River Fest Weekend: Sea Kayak Demos & Sherman Reservoir Tour

Demos - $15 Tours - $30

Age Level: 4+ (any age if supplying your own boat and PFD)
Fitness Level: Able to sit on the ground and stand up with minimal assistance
Skill Level: Beginner


*Please note: $5 of each sale goes to American Whitewater - a non-profit river conservation organization - to support recreation on the Deerfield River and throughout the country.

Come see us at The American Whitewater (AW) Deerfield River Fest this year!

The AW Deerfield Fest is an annual celebration of whitewater rafting in Western Mass and this year, Adventure East is happy to be providing essential paddling demos as well as leading a guided tour of the Sherman Reservoir all weekend.

Demos: Check out our 14' - 18' ruddered, touring kayaks for some self-exploration of the boats and/or work with our guides to look at specific traits such as: loading a 5-day overnight gear pack, rolling a sea kayak (for those who are already familiar with a whitewater roll), turning using various rudder and edging techniques, and using the rudder to compensate for wind/current to save on power-draining strokes, among other topics.

Guided Paddle: While others are experiencing the adrenaline rush of the whitewater downstream, we will be circumnavigating the calm waters of the Sherman Reservoir on a peaceful quest to spot wildlife while enjoying the paddling around small islands and watching the leaves start to turn for fall.

What's included:

  • Kayak & paddle
  • PFD appropriate to the water conditions and your needs
  • Dry storage for small personal items

* In all AE programs, we encourage you to use the gear most comfortable to you or appropriate to the activity. If you intend to bring your own equipment, we ask that you reach out 48-hours prior so we may make final plans for a safe and enjoyable day.

What to bring:

  • Clothes for paddling + dry clothes
  • Footwear for paddling + dry land footwear
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunscreen + hat
  • Sunglasses (polarized ideal)
  • Waterproof camera

Meeting point: Sherman Reservoir put-in just upstream of the Dryway (Monroe Bridge) opposite Bolsey Hill Road and Tunnel St in Whitingham, VT


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