Glendale Ridge Vineyard Experience

Spend the afternoon with us as we take a scenic loop through the beautiful backroads of Easthampton and the rolling hills in Westhampton. Starting at the award winning Glendale Ridge Vineyard, we'll head north toward Chesterfield Road before looping back toward Westhampton Center. We'll keep an intermediate to social pace ( 10 - 12 mph on hills, 12 - 15 mph on flat roads) so that you can have a comfortable ride while taking in the orchard views and the striking landscapes of surrounding conservation areas. It is a 22 mile ride, so while the pace is comfortable, this ride isn't necessarily suitable for beginners.

We'll end the ride back at Glendale where we'll set up in one of the available picnic areas to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch provided by Woodstar Cafe in Northampton. Of course, a visit to Glendale Ridge Vineyard wouldn't be complete without relaxing with a glass of your choice of seasonal wine offerings that you can savor while soaking up the beautiful scenery and great company.



  • Date: June 27, 2021
  • Time: 11:00am - 3pm
  • Skill/Fitness Category: Recreational, Intermediate

What’s included:

  • Guided, social bike ride
  • Tailgate picnic provided by Woodstar Cafe
  • Selection of Glendale Ridge wines
  • Glasses, blankets, corkscrew, plates and utensils
  • An afternoon of great food, wine, and camaraderie

*If you are more comfortable with bringing your own picnic blanket and glasses/utensils, please feel free to do so


What to bring:

  • Bikes are not included/available for rental at this time, please bring your own road bike or lightweight gravel bike
  • Plenty of drinking water

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