Mineral Hills Conservation Area - Tracking Experience with John Body


Age Level: 10 and up

Fitness Level:  Easy

Skill Level: Beginner Hiker

Join us for a walk in the woods with Naturalist John Body. The forest will come alive with John’s keen eye and ability to tell the story of the forest through animal tracking. John will share his insights and provide a new appreciation for the mostly unseen but vibrant wildlife happenings in the winter forest. 

A mere fifteen minutes away from downtown Northampton, Mineral Hills Conservation Area is a beautiful, hilly forest with extensive trails, dramatic views, and an abandoned rock quarry that all make for excellent wildlife tracking as porcupines love this location. The conservation lands here are owned by the City of Northampton and portions are monitored by Kestrel Land Trust through a Conservation Restriction. The Friends of Mineral Hills maintains the trails.

Your participation in this adventure directly supports the Kestrel Land Trust and their mission to preserve open space and provide access to outdoor recreation.


What's included:

  • 3-hour tracking experience
  • Snowshoes and/or spikes
  • Trekking poles

What to bring:

  • Layers appropriate for the temperatures

*See our Guide to Layering

  • Hiking boots or winter boots, thick socks (extra pair)
  • Plenty of water and snacks

Meeting point: Mineral Hills Conservation Area


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