Wellness Retreat with Ami -Jean & Max


Age Level:All

Skill Level: All

Fitness Level: All

A one-day wellness retreat focused on grounding outdoor experiences at the lovely Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield, Ma. 


We'll start the morning with a refreshing nature walk on the property, guided by Naturalist and Mindful Outdoor Guide Ami-Jean Aubin. Ami-Jean will take us through the art of Forest Bathing, an incredibly revitalizing practice that allows you to connect with the natural world around us through gentle movement and a conscious engagement of all the senses.


Following a short break, Hiking and Yoga Instructor Max Alaghband will guide us through an all-levels, outdoor yoga experience. With a gentle and mindful flow, Max will continue to help us feel centered as we further immerse ourselves in our surroundings and reap the many mind-body health benefits of nature.


Afterwards, we'll nourish ourselves with a healthy and delicious, farm-to-table lunch prepared for us by Ami-Jean. In addition to being an outdoor mindfulness guide, Ami-Jean is also a celebrated, local chef who creates meals that feel as good as they taste. As we enjoy our lunch, we will have time to thoroughly the Bullitt Reservation property and appreciate our shared experience in nature.


About Bullitt Reservation:

Located in Ashfield, MA, this Trustees' protected property is a beautiful blend of fields, mixed woodlands, and streams. Home to a variety of wildlife and fragrant orchids, Bullitt Reservation is an ideal setting for a day of exploration and connection.

What’s included:

  • Guided forest bathing experience
  • Outdoor yoga in a beautiful and calming locale
  • A healthy and tasty farm-to-table lunch
  • An opportunity to mindfully connect with nature
What to bring:
  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Long pants
  • Plenty of drinking water
Meeting point: Bullitt Reservation


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